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singmyheartout317 sent: Can u please follow me

Done :)

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I’m back but….

What do yall think of EJ (Elijah)

Whitened mah teeth ;)
lmaoo its water in a cup
" what we doin’ " @exquisite_eye @trevblake #trio
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Bow down Bahja


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dickdiamonds sent: Love you Bahja😘

Love you too doll ♥

Who missed me?

Lots on mail! Who missed this 5 star stunna?

I’m in ya zone
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kendoll20 sent: I'm 20, an artist & it's hard trying to be heard living in Tennessee. I know you guys were already kinda in the spotlight bc of your parents but what advice would u give me?

Yea we did get a head start, but don’t let that fool you. Nothing has been given to us. We earned it. Work hard, and don’t let the haters and obstacles stop you from getting where you wanna be.